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New Release: BANGERZ - Miley Cyrus

BANGERZ is the fourth studio album by the American singer, songwriter and twerk-master Miley Cyrus scheduled to be released October 4th. This record is pure filthy pop perfection. Is the world ready? WE ARE NOT WORTHY.
Miley Cyrus has taken a different direction (we all know that), but it has been her best decition ever made yet - we do not want to be the fan of a Disney princess forever.
This post-break up album is loaded with strong Cyrus rap verses, fat bass and generic electronic dance beats that will leave you thirsty for more from beginning to end. Definitely a favorite album at first listen and it’s a fact that will stay on repeat for WEEKS.

Favorite songs:
Someone Else

Heartthrob (2013) - Tegan and Sara

Heartthrob is the name of the 7th studio album by the Quin twins. Guitar/piano were Tegan and Sara´s best friends during the creation of this album. Also, fans of the 80s pop music will not be disappointed, as the girls have packed love, emotions and hearthrob feelings 80s pop music style.
Outstanding tracks:
Closer (single)
Goodbye, Goodbye
I was a Fool
How Come You Don´t Want Me
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Wonders - The Sound of Arrows

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