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Lana Del Rey for Numero Tokyo 2013 shot by Mariano Vivanco

Sky Ferreira for Saint Laurent Paris Pre-Fall 2013
Sky Ferreira for Saint Laurent Paris Pre-Fall 2013

A New Word To Say / Bright Light Bright Light

You like Bright Lightx2? there is a post on EQ just for you then http://eqmusicblog.com/bright-light-bright-lights-remix-of-lent-by-autoheart/ 

(via song-picture-drug)

A new Matt Irwin outtake from the Elle UK photoshoot! -Gaga

Simon Curtis re-lauches website www.simon-curtis.com

RA lyrics, pictures and a free download of a remix of the robot-favorite song: Flesh is up for a free dowload.

go for it, robots.

Nicopanda xx
Jeffree Star’s cover for VIRGINITY. 2.14.2012

Hi EQs, he is Skrillex.

Sonny Moore aka Skrillex - Electronic dance music producer who is widely known by 2011’s electronic/dubstep monster. 

The ex-member of the emo band “From First To Last" has prepared a new EP "Bangarang" (out now) and will be physically released on January 24th.

And let me tell you, Bangarang is a MONSTER. Go check it out, EQs.

X Salvatore
Who’s ready for the Night Wave? - Hyper Crush upcoming album. WOOT.
Box of Luca