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NEW: Problem - Natalia Kills

Natalia Kills
has returned. What do you think?

♥ Part 9: State of Dreaming ♥

Marina, this looks more like a promo-video. Not really worth to be part 9 when LIES is a much better song. I expected too much from part 9. But, you know what you are doing and I will follow you until you evol me. 

Heartthrob (2013) - Tegan and Sara

Heartthrob is the name of the 7th studio album by the Quin twins. Guitar/piano were Tegan and Sara´s best friends during the creation of this album. Also, fans of the 80s pop music will not be disappointed, as the girls have packed love, emotions and hearthrob feelings 80s pop music style.
Outstanding tracks:
Closer (single)
Goodbye, Goodbye
I was a Fool
How Come You Don´t Want Me
Get the album on iTunes now!

Problem (teaser) - Natalia Kills

6 days for the song to be released, and Natalia just dropped this teaser on her Tumblr. This sounds HOT. In RuPaul’s words: 'Natalia, Dont fuck it up'.

The wait is almost over. Natalia Kills new single is coming out next week.
Now 2 questions:
Do you like the single cover?
Are you ready?
Lights has announced that an acoustic version of the flawless album “Siberia” will be released on April 30th. And of course, I cannot be any happier. 
Kazaky’s new video in 2 hours. HOT.

Nicki Minaj - Stupid Hoe - video premiere - 

Oh My God - Jeffree Star

(Demo) - a folder full of demos that were suppossed to be on VIRGINITY EP is floating around. Jeffree leaked it so we can patiently wait for the EP to come out, but honestly, this folder IS SO GOOD. 

Jeffree Star’s cover for VIRGINITY. 2.14.2012

Hi EQs, he is Skrillex.

Sonny Moore aka Skrillex - Electronic dance music producer who is widely known by 2011’s electronic/dubstep monster. 

The ex-member of the emo band “From First To Last" has prepared a new EP "Bangarang" (out now) and will be physically released on January 24th.

And let me tell you, Bangarang is a MONSTER. Go check it out, EQs.

Adam Lambert’s “Better Than I Know Myself” single cover. One word: STUNNING.
Jeffree Star’ [ @JeffreeStar] Virginity [EP] is coming sooner than you all think. America’s Next Top Nightmare. Get fucking ready.