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Nice tan, Eric

EQ’s top 5 (of 20) Pop & Electronic albums of 2011

[*] = Link to read post on EQ Music Blog.

  1. "9:00 to 17:00, 17:00 to whenever" by The Young Professionals [*]
  2. "Shattered Ice" by Adam  [*]
  3. "Saade Vol.1" by Eric Saade [*]
  4. "Siberia" by LIGHTS [*]
  5. "Oh Land" by Oh Land [*]

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Hi, Eric Saade.

For those that are LAZY, here is the interview. and HERE is the official post on the EQ site.

EQ interview with Eric Saade


Swedish pop cutie Eric Saade talks to EQ about his new album “Saade Vol 2” which comes out Wednesday in Sweden.  Our mother blog over on http://www.EQmusicblog.com is also featuring Eric Saade as the cover boy this week with a HOT site takeover - go check it out!

(Source: eqmusicblog.com)

His name is Eric Saade.  You must have him in your life.  Like right now.
His new song "Hotter Than Fire" is a duet with DEV!