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Check out this remix of “Applause” by Purity Ring.

The official Applause Remix EP will be released on October 1st!

New music: Work Bitch - Britney Spears

Rise and shine, Electroqueers! The princess of Pop new single leaked a day before its official release date. Ready to work? 

Work Bitch: generic EDM yet decent. Not what we really expected from the pop diva, but it will be fun to watch all the gays losing IT at the clubs. 

Grab your Work Bitch copy on iTunes tomorrow.

Video Games - TYP cover

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We can’t stop - Miley Cyrus


instant crush // daft punk ft. julian casablancas

download: amazon mp3 | itunes

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Here’s a five minute-long amalgamation of all the potential ARTPOP snippets from last night’s Versus Versace fashion show.

As stated before, even though there are strong hints implying the music last night was from ARTPOP, nothing has been confirmed or denied.

ETA: The last two minutes are longer recordings of the show, so some of the sounds are not Gaga, rather other performers.


Taken from “The Instrumental Experience” - Hurting All The Way

Love Yourself To Dance - Daft Punk

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Twerk Tuesday with Javi: Esta Noche by Azealia Banks.

Esta Noche is a track OUT OF THIS WORLD. The song will make you want to have it on repeat for weeks, and no pussy will resist to be popped.

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Fun. x Kelly Clarkson | ‘Stronger Some Nights’ (MASHUP)

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TKO feat. The Oxymorrons - Wynter Gordon


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Free download Friday: TWRK - Living Room (Feat. Dan Gerous)

It is always time for a good twerk.

Touch Me Feat. SIRPAUL - Armand Deluxe

I am very happy with what SIRPAUL is working on. I can’t wait for his EP to be finally released. Now, listen to “Touch Me”! Kinky!